Ardour will not install properly nor launch in CentOs 6

I am attempting to install Ardour in Centos 6.2 Ardour 2.8 will not install (sudo block) Ardour 3 beta 2 will only install in terminal, but after installation, Ardour will not launch. Ardour 3 beta 3 will also install via terminal but it will not continue. I don’t have Jackd installed on my OS, the install tries to install recommended software apps but it fails. from there, Ardour does not complete installation. I want to ask if anyone here has had this problem in centos 6.2 & or if it is a work around for this issue? thanks in advance.

I dropped centos to try installing Ardour on Linux mint 12. When I try to open the via. double click, it open up in getedit. I cannot get it to open with/as terminal. When I open terminal to attempt the instructions inside of the tarball, I get permission denied. I am currently getting ready to migrate back to where I started “Linux Mint 11” If this doesn’t work, can someone please suggest a distro that works good with Ardour. I am assuming Ubuntu Studio would but the last time I tried Ubuntu, I was unsatisfied and settled on Linux mint 11.

Would need a lot more information, for instance what your console log is when it fails to install for starters.

You NEED Jack in order for Ardour to run, there is not way around that, so if you can’t install Jack that is a huge issue off the bat. Finally CentOS is unlikely to be well set up for realtime audio, (Which may be the base of the cause of problems you are having) as it is intended for a server distro last I checked. You may want to reconsider your distribution choice.


Hello Seablade, thank you for your advice, I appreciate the insight. As for the logs, I will have to try and run the install again to copy those for you. More and likely, i will migrate back to linux mint 11. I switched to centos for the apache server friendliness. but due to issues beyond my control, I will more and likely try another distro. my cpu is having a hard time with: linux mint 12, fedora, Opensuse and debian. Linux mint 11 appears to be more stable. If that fails, I may try (gulp) ubuntu. lol As soon as I switch distros, I will post updates. once again, thanks for your help


this time around, I accidentally wiped my whole disk drive containing my Ardour install, I donated for that download, I think its crappy that I have to donate again to get another download… sigh i just lost all of my files, work and backups & now this??? really??? *note to admins, there needs to be a premium area for donors who payed for downloads… cause right now, I don’t have anymore money to spare at this time. Thanks tho

RickoDean, you should have X amount of downloads, I believe it is three, if you donate for it. In the meantime drop an email to Paul and see what he can do for you, you will need to include your paypal transaction ID IIRC.

As for distributions, try out AVLinux. That will likely work MUCH better for you out of the box and the maintainer for it is a common poster here. You could also look at Dream Studio as well though I ahven’t heard as much feedback on that as I have on AVLinux.


Hello Seablade, thanks again for your suggestions. I managed to find the downloads on the homepage (silly me). Also, if I seemed abit off base & frustrated in my recent post, I do apologize. I’m new to Ardour, I didn’t know it existed until this past Sunday. So I imagine that everyone could understand that I am very eager to try out this new program. I’ve been using pro tools since 2008. My hardware is outdated and I’m versions behind (6.4 digi 001 / 7.4 Mbox 2). If this program meets my needs, I am surely onboard to support. Considering how expensive it is to play keep up with the next studio, I really need something new that does the samething as my current setup. ALSO, my hardware!! will it work with Ardour or do I have to try & see?

Hmm the digi hardware typically used custom drivers, and I don’t think was class compliant, so I wouldn’t bet on your mBox working out of the box with Linux sorry. Sadly there is little hardware support from manufacturers for Linux so the drivers that exist are either for standards compliant devices or written by volunteers (Sometimes completely reverse engineered) with a few exceptions. There are a few that gave the FFADO project documentation for their interfaces for instance, or RME which did similar with it’s PCI interfaces.

But try out Ardour first and foremost and see if it works well for you, once you get it running if you go to Help>Chat in it you can chat with other users in realtime to ask questions. Just keep in mind sometimes it can take a while to get an answer so just keep the window open in the background at least. Also if you haven’t found the FLOSS Manual yet, I strongly recommend reading it.