ardour website

i have looked around and can’t seem to find any info on this, but i was wondering if there was any plans to move this site to drupal 5 (if it isn’t already).

My main question, however, is whether or not anyone thinks it would be good to have a more ardour-like theme to the site. if it is purely a problem with a lack of people to do it, well, here’s one :slight_smile: I’d be happy to help with the site however i can, especially with getting the ardour site looking less like a generic drupal page and more like a true ardour site :slight_smile:

oh, if it helps, i have a box that i can install drupal on and build a dummy site as a test/development area so that you can see what you think before committing it to the live site. it’s only connected over adsl so it might be a bit slow. still i think it might be useful.

we already run drupal 5.

if you have an alternate theme, then by all means point us to a place where we can take a look at it, even just static screenshots.

no problem. when things settle down a bit here i’ll get on to doing a mockup one :slight_smile:

If the website will look as nice as ardour looks now, it will be a hell of a good looking website :wink:


What’s wrong with the current site? I think it looks fine - neat and professional. Tad slow though, what sort of server is it running on?

i’m not saying there is anything wrong with it, it just doesnt look like an ardour site. it looks like a drupal site with content about ardour. now that ardour is getting more attention i think it is time to give the site a facelift. the only actual problem i have with the current site is the fact that logging on doesn’t seem to work properly. anyone know why?

I already created a custom theme for this site. But it has a few CSS problems. My hope was taybin would fix them … now I hope I can get an account / access rights to do it myself.

I’m not amused that paul saw no need to point this out. Then again, there could always be another theme.

i don’t want to step on your toes, do you have a link to view the theme? i’m curious to see how similar it is to what i am picturing :slight_smile:

No, no link currently. Will be fixed soon.

The more pro the page looks to more pro’s will come aboard…

“Come one - come all. Cubase, pro tools and logic fans. See the amazing wonder ahead. Not in the rear view mirror…The one on the horizon”…

Man I need a vacation hehehe.

just a little progress report, i’ve got a screenshot of my work in progress here.

all i have been doing so far is working out colours and the layout. the internals of the blocks (padding from top, search form margins etc) have not been done yet obviously.

what does everyone think of the logo at the top? it is done in inkscape so i can change anything/post the svg if people want.

any comments on the site look?


ps. the ‘live’ test of the site is at if you want to see it as i stuff around, but i am only coding for firefox at the moment, so any other browsers may (i’m looking at you mostly, ie users…) look crazy :). i also tend to break it often, so don’t use it as anything to judge by :slight_smile:
by the way, this is all just hosted on my dsl connection, so it may be a tad slow sometimes.

i see there is a new theme on here now. should i drop the one i’m doing then or would it be better to have an ‘alternate theme’ option? i don’t mind mine taking second place if people still want me to do it, but i’m not sure if it’s going to be used at all now.

is anyone else still having a problem with logins on this site? i thought i’d ask here to make sure before posting it in the issue tracker.

the problem i have is that i almost always have to log in twice for it to work. it seems like a cookie/session tracking problem perhaps? i know there is an option somewhere in drupal for caching that apparently can cause problems, maybe this is to do with that?

Same here… Sometimes when I log in successfully , the second page I visit tells me I’m not logged in…

Logging in again solves it…