ardour web account: financial subscription

this is not really an ardour issue, but shouldn’t the financial subscribtion appear in my account after 3 months or so?

I was just wondering because you are listing that point but there is nothing written on it.

it depends how and when you signed up. if you did so without being signed in as “qnull”, we could not associate your subscription with your site login name. i have records for all subscriptions, but none match the email address you have associated with your site login.

I changed my account email-adress so it should be the same as in the subscription. Now you should be able to find it.
Thank you

That’s correct. You signed up on May 5th, and have made 3 subsequent payments. I believe you were not logged in when you subscribed, hence the lack of any apparent subscription info.

Thank you very much for supporting Ardour’s development.

Thank you for this great application