Ardour --> .wav --> Ableton Live --> sync'd to click track for live performance

Here’s the situation:
My band plays to a click track generated by Ableton Live on a laptop. I want to pre-record a guitar part at home in Ardour and have it played back in-sync with Live’s click track. (note: the Live click track is an audio file that we just edit to match the desired tempo)

Ok, so here are the proposed steps:
Import an audio file into Ardour to use as a timing reference (from an mp3)
Align Ardour’s measure grid to the mp3’s tempo (I think I can, right?)
Record a guitar track in-time with the mp3
Export to a wav with guitar panned hard right and pre-recorded reference song hard left (to isolate the guitar)
Import into Ableton Live
Use reference song (left channel) to align with Live’s tempo grid (somehow)
Mute the reference song (left channel)
Play back the guitar track (right channel) ‘live’ using Live.

My main concern is sync / tempo management. Anyone have pointers?

If you export your click as a wav file and import into Ardour then export the guitar (recorded to the abelton click wav) from Ardour to Abelton you should have everything line up properly.

You will probably find that if you set the tempo map in ardour, the 2 clicks will be pretty much in sync. You should only need to set Ardour’s tempo if you want to edit to the grid really.