Ardour was presented in Poland, at the Music Media trade fair

Yesterday I conducted a presentation on Linux audio software at the Music Media – Music and Lightning Equipment Trade Fair, in Krakow, Poland. I demonstrated the Ardour, accompanied by Rosegarden sequencer. The main topics of the presentation were: JACK sound server, recording techniques (Rosegarden and Ardour were demonstrated), and the usage of soft-synths / DSSI plugins. I booted a laptop using Musix live CD, and then demonstrated Rosegarden sequencer, ZynAddSubFX synthesizer and Ardour. The presentation was well attended (about 40 people).

A script used during the presentation is available (in Polish only):

More information about Music Media Trade Fair:,Musicmedia_3_Targi_Muzyczne_i_Sprzetu_Oswietleniowego.html
“Music Media is the biggest event in the Polish music industry. It is the only place where producers, dealers, artists, media and other people concerned can meet in this friendly atmosphere.”

Great! This seems like a very good place to present Ardour.
Which exact version did you show?

How was the particular feedback to Ardour?


I presented Ardour 0.99.3. I had scarcely time, so I only showed how to record sound from Rosegarden and ZynAddSubFX, how to use the Track/Bus Inspector, and synchronization with JACK.

Feedback: For the first time during my presentation on Ardour nobody asked a question on stability issues, and problems with installation :slight_smile: One person were interested in system requirements, and other asked how to use MIDI automation on the mixer knobs and LADSPA plugins.