Ardour-vst3-scanner not handling new VST3 directory format

I’ve posted info and test results on this issue in Mantis regarding problems with the VST3 scanner not handing HALion 7 correctly. It appears that Steinburg has changed the directory structure for VST3’s, now requiring that the directory be named with “.vst3” at the end and then some subdirectories which hold various things including the actual dll. HALion 7 is the only VST I’ve run across so far which is packaging everything following this newer directory layout spec.

In researching this issue Nathan @ Mixbus Support pointed me toward this part of the VST3 spec online:

If you look just below the Windows portion there’s a note in gray explaining the change.

In the HALion 7 case, if I change the directory name from “HALion 7.vst3” to HALion 7vst3" (no dot) the scanner finds the dll and appears to create the correct files. Without the change it it does nothing.

In my case this doesn’t explain why Mixbus32C or Ardour crashes but I figure it’s one step at a time.

Hope this helps. Happy to provide more info if needed.


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continued at 0009273: Ardour/Mixbus32C VST scan hangs on HALion 7, DAW Crashes - but HALion works after editing blacklist file - MantisBT

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