ardour&vst&lv2&unlocking wine libs

I reinstalled debian and recompiled ardour with vst&lv2 support.but it only works if i launch ardourvst from command line.when I create a short cut in menu pointing to /usr/local/bin/ardour2/ardourvst…It works but there are no vst or lv2 plugins listed.when I launch ardour from command line as user,not root. It starts unclocking wine libs…Then all my vst plugins are listed . along with lv2 plugins.What reason would
this be happening.?why is it saying its unclocking wine libs? didnt do that before… And why creating a menu item in gnome menus causes me to loose vst&lv2 support??I have patched and compiled rt kernel…set security limits and installed rtirq script.At first i thought it was the rtirq script…so I uninstalled them but and rebooted…but that wasnt it…Like I works fine when launched from command line as user…Vst’s like StudioDevil work fine.I believe this locked wine issue is also the reason why Rosegarden does’nt show any vst synths I have.Im not at pc right now to try launching rosegarden from command line to see if that is also the problem with vst synths not being listed…

The link to /usr/local/bin/ardour2/ardourvst doesn’t make sense, it should be /usr/local/ardour2/bin/ardourvst or /usr/local/bin/ardourvst depending on what PREFIX you used when compiling.

Which version of Ardour and Wine do you have?
Where are your VST/LV2 plugins installed?

You might want to try creating the link as ‘LV2_PATH=/path/to/your/LV2s VST_PATH=/path/to/your/VSTs /usr/local/wherever/ardourvst’ to explicitly tell Ardour where they are.

that was a mistype…its /usr/local/bin/ardourvst
but I got it working now…I added paths to home .bashrc…but by adding the paths to /etc/profile/ my vst’ show up now …was just a simple fix.