Ardour vs. Adobe Audition...?

Hello everyone, new user here.

How does this program compare with Adobe Audition?
Thanks for any opinions.

what is better?

Black on white or white on black?


Its better, its worse, its the same, its different.

You need to ask more specific questions, based on what you actually do with Audition or want to do with Ardour. Can it ??? How easy is it to ??? And so on and so forth. For some things, Ardour beats Audition hands down, for others its the opposite. What matters to you?

Audition started out as cool edit pro which I last used over 10 years ago so I can’t be of much help with specifics.

however the biggest difference I can see is that Audition started out as a destructive audio editor that has had non destructive workflow added on, Ardour is pretty much all non destructive from the get go. Both approaches have their advantages and disadvantages with ardour you will need to sub out destructive work to another audio editor such as audacity or gwc. On the other hand I would expect a cleaner engine design in Ardour and probably more efficient resource usage and more scalable design.

If you have good quality recording gear and you get your input levels right while recording you should not need to do much in the way of destructive editing. If your source material is coming on the other hand from say from a 10 year old cassette tape (this has happened to me) you are going to need to do a lot of destructive editing.

Other than that the main differences you are going to encounter are all to do with platform. The only platform you might get a choice of either is Mac OS X… So Audition is going to work better with Windows things and Ardour with Linux things.