Hello everyone,
With OSX El Capitan and a Macbook
I have problems to run ARDOUR 4 + JACK + VMPK

  1. If I want to use JACK ==> VMPK stops JACK
  2. If I want to use VMPK + ARDOUR without JACK ==> VMPK (MIDI) does not control the target track in ARDOUR
    any idea ?
    Thank you

What did you use to connect Ardour & VMPK when not using JACK?

I used Ardour Midi connection Manager
by connecting with a green point, the Out of VMPK and the IN of MIDI track
in which I loaded a VST

Oops, I use Core Audio

So what aspect of “controlling the target track” was not working?

when I play on the virtual keyboard, it nothing happens on the target track
no activity, no sound, no MIDI traffic

I just tested this on OSX Yosemite using Ardour 4.4 Coreaudio/Coremidi. VMPK shows up under Hardware in the routing grid. and also directly on a MIDI track’s input button.
it works just fine.

Maybe some El Capitan issue?

Something changed on El Capitan… Even Jack won’t work! I’m desperate!

You don’t need JACK for this.