Ardour using Apple m1

What’s the current status for support for Apple M1, is it still not signed and does it only work with native plugins, are there any other downsides

We do not sign macOS binaries. We might start doing this for 7.0, or we might not.

I can’t tell if you are asking a question about plugins or making a statement?

About the plugins was just wondering if they work in m1 computers, I last read that only native plugins run assuming ardours built in plugins and not third party plugins.

I hope ardour signs them, I do want to get a m1 computer one day but I’m still weighing the pros and cons, I assume this new system must be a pain for many plugin developers

Both the Intel as well the ARM build runs just fine without signature on a M1 system:

The architecture must match (same as on Windows with 32/64bit VSTs):
If you run the ARM/M1 build, the plugins also need to be ARM binaries.
If you run the Intel version, the plugins also need to be Intel binaries.

Some plugins come as multi-arch and work regardless.

So just to confirm if I’m running the m1 version of ardour, third party plugins will only work if they are also provided in arm version ?

Yes that is correct.


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