Ardour Users Invitation to My Site/Music Page

Hi fellow Ardour Users,

I have been checking out many of the Ardour creations in this forum over the last few months, not only do we have a talented development team, but many talented users as well.

If anyone is interested have a look at my site If you click on the Movin’ Groovin’ & Verhoeven logo it will link you to my mp3 Music Page where there are song(s) recorded with Ardour (in red text).

There is also a link to my Free Pearl DX Drumkit Samples if anyone is looking for Samples from a real acoustic kit.

Comments are welcome, Thanks for your time -GLEN

I like the “airy” and organic sound of Born on the Bayou. As a drummer I would like to hear a more of the kick drum though.
And how on earth did you manage to get John Fogerty to the sessions;-) I mean the singing is spot on.


Thanks for taking the time to listen and share your comments, I’ll mess around with the kick, the bass guitar is taking up a lot of real estate in this track (which suits it) makes it a little trickier to find room for the kick, and yes I’m a huge Fogerty fan, thanks for the compliment!

Best of luck with your Ardour projects and website.