Ardour users in San Diego

Hello I live in San Diego and was wondering if there are users in San Diego that use Ardour as their DAW? I love how Ardour is shaping into but one thing that is missing is tutorials on how to use it’s new MIDI features.

I personally am just love music and I sing in our church choir so I came across Ardour about 3 years and wanted to learn music recording because of it.

Is there anyone out there has has video tutorials that is pretty good that can with us newbies on how to utilize the new features of MIDI…

Rony P.

I live is San Diego as well, there are videos for Ardour2 on Ardour2 site. As for manuals for Adour3 Im no expert but too early to expect videos on how to use it. If you want to set up your computer there is one blog I used to do this
I can share what I know if its of any use to you (although its not very much).

@luizmartines, thank you for the reply. I actually have Ardour2 on my Macbook and A3 alpha9 installed on my ubuntu home machine and have used it but I was looking for someone that know how to use Ardour3 well that I might get some training on. Besides, it would be nice to meet with you as well and maybe learn from you if you have anything to share.

Here is my e-mail address

Rony, I live in Valley Center (north of Escondido) and work in Rancho Bernardo. I’ve been an Ardour user for several years.


There is a movie about Ardour3 here:
Also there is a description about Ardour3 midi capabilities in the releases section: (scroll down)


Thank you for replying back. I wanted to meet people that use Ardour2/3 and how they utilize it for their recording needs. I am not a musician by any means but I love music (specially church music).

Are there any professional studios that use Ardour as their main application?


Thank you for reply back as well. I have already seen that clip and is a great clip…I search daily on youtube and here for videos of how people use Ardour and basically how to utilize plugins to achieve great sound quality.

Rony P.


Are there any professional studios that use Ardour as their main application?

Yes. Mirror Image Studios was the first I believe, however I believe there are many more now internationally.


Thank you for reply seablade…