Ardour,Ubuntu, drivers for Tascam Fireone

Hi there to everyone, I’m new here.
I’m Samuele from Rome, Italy, and I write and try to record on my own my own demos, but wanting to do something more…
well anyway, I have a question to you all, and if anyone has the answer I’ll be very grateful:

I don’t have yet ardour on my pc, but I’m planning to use it with ubuntu.
As i’m not too much into computer, I’m not an expert, I’d like to know if the drivers for tascam fireone, an audio interface, are available for linux, and if then I can use ardour,my tascam fireone together to make some muzak!

Sorry for my english,but…you know, we do what we can, anyway,
I hope to hear something from you,
thank you!


as has been mentioned on this forum many a time, ardour does not have drivers for audio adapters. Not a single one. Ardour handles audio through jack.

On Linux, what you are looking for is an Alsa driver (Google “alsa soundcard matrix”). It seems though that there isn’t one. There is also the freebob project that supports firewire audio devices, though the One you mention isn’t among the supported ones.