Ardour track skipping

First of all, I’m using Mandriva 2007 and I installed ardour via urpmi. Whenever I import a wav drum track into ardour and try to play it back, it skips horrendously, like if you were to beat a cd player with a 2x4 while listening to it. It plays back correctly in Audacity, so it isn’t the track itself… Could this be a problem with Jack? I’m not exactly an expert on this, so if anyone can help me find a simple solution to make the track stop skipping, I would greatly appreciate it.

One other thing I noticed: When I issue the command “qjackctl”, the following occurs: [shane@localhost Desktop]$ qjackctl
Warning: no locale found: /usr/share/locale/qjackctl_en_US.UTF-8.qm
Could this be a problem in Jack that might be causing the intense skipping in Ardour?