Ardour thinks I'm trying to start/stop transport at the same sample?

I don’t know what happened but now I can’t start playback. I open the session, hit spacebar, and then the play button stays green and won’t deactivate even if I try to stop transport. The log tells me that it “cannot have two events of type TransportStateChange at the same sample.”
However, if I select a clip from the clip library and play it, transport rolls without a problem.
Edit: and now mysteriously I am able to hit the stop button after pluggin in headphones, but still can’t play it

I’m using JACK on Fedora 39, all tracks are connected to Master, Master is connected to Built-in Audio Analog Stereo (my normal speakers) and there are no other audio connections. There are also no MIDI connections whatsoever in the MIDI Connection Manager.

I didn’t know whether this was a bug that should be reported or if I’m just doing something wrong so I just decided to ask about it here.

maybe check if by chance you don’t find your “end” marker on the same place/value as your “start” marker?

Unfortunately that is not the case

Well now the session is working perfectly fine and I have no clue what happened

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