Ardour @ the Catalan Free Software Conference

a picture of the sagrada familia in barcelona

I will be speaking at the Catalan Free Software Conference in Barcelona, July 2nd-5th. There should be a good mix of talks in Spanish, English and Catalan, and of course the guys behind the wonderful CLAM project will be around too. If you’re in or near Barcelona, stop in and say hello. I will be giving 2 talks - one on Linux/Libre multimedia/audio software in general and another specifically on Ardour.


Have fun, and take pictures!


Hey Paul, good luck! And thx for everything…

Have fun, and don’t forget your Babel fish!

If I’m going to subscribe, I have to be able to assume that on the ride there and back you will have your laptop coding for ardour 3 and finished by the time you get back.
Just kidding, once I get a job, I’ll subscribe it up, and good luck on your speeches.

(accidently sent it twice, sorry)