Ardour Team Plugins not available

Hi - I have two students who are reporting that the Ardour Team plugins are not available in the Plugin Manager. Is this a known issue?

OSX 10.12.6 & 10.11.6
Ardour 6.5.0

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Your image shows Ardour Team in the Creators Box and Effects Only in Filter. Try Ardour Community in Creators.
On my Mac Ardour Team only comes up with 2 instruments and 2 utilities (and no effects)

Thanks - that’s interesting. The screenshot is from one of the students who is having the problem. My install shows a large set of Ardour Team effects:

I wonder what the difference is…

Those are Lua scripts, usually only utility plugins.

Starting with 6.5 most plugins have been re-branded from “a-” to “ACE-” and some come with a dedicated custom GUI which is provided by community members.

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