Ardour T-Shirts now available

Thanks to the fantastic work of Thorsten Wilms on the new Ardour icon, we now now have Ardour T-Shirts available via the custom T-shirt store Zazzle.

The designs are still customizable by anyone who wants to buy one - you can change fabric colors, resize the image, add text and so on. Basic white t-shirts start at US$14.95 plus shipping. There are currently two base designs, one with a blue logo and the other with red.

Note that the red shirt has a reduced sized logo - some people have noted they prefer the way this turns out. You can alter the size yourself if you want to play with this.

sorry to dig up an old thread, but do any of the proceeds of this shirt go to paul and co? if so i will definitely order one from there. if not, then my father actually runs a small printing company and i’ll get him to make me one so i can wear the logo with pride without having to order from overseas (i’m in australia). plus, i’m thinking of making it on a normal shirt rather than a tshirt, might look shmick :slight_smile:


ps. if the proceeds don’t already go to the ardour devs, then maybe i can convince him to do some up for sale (providing no one has an issue with it obviously) and offer my ‘finders commission’ up as a donation to the ardour project.

edit: shit, i thought this was a forum post. i doubt anyone will read this now as it is probably buried way down in the blog’s archive. i’ll post again in the forum.

Re: porl’s edit, I found the site and wasn’t sure if they were legit tee’s, so a searched the forum for “t-shirt”

so. old post still Very useful, Thanks!