Ardour suddently stopped working


Ardour looked like to work one month ago. SInce I had some other problems with the jack’s driver for the firewire boxes, I didn’t use it for a month.

But now it does not work anymore.

Initially it was an old 2.7.x version, the crashes made a good opportunity to upgrade. But also the 2.8.11 does not work.

I can give a lot of information as it crashes by a segfault on opening after the “load default ui configuration file …ardour2_ui_default.conf”. By passing a -N option I can see quickly the logo.

I tried both the compilation with DEBUG=1 and DEBUG=yes but I can not have more information.

On this machine, in one month, I always update jack, ffado, zlib, id3lib+cdparanoia+ripperX.

Is it possible to compile with some features only. I mean I need only to record from jack, 6 tracks at a time, listen the whose I want, insert append etc… ( I mean not opening a new project to rerecord ), adding a track and recording while playing the others, the time display with 4th or 6th of beats, and descend meters.


PS the reason of non donation while downloading the new one is not in the list: fix first the troubles! Also I pay only by money transfer, then to a EU bank.


Thank you for your answer

I assume you recommends the gdb 6.4 because the document is outdated, the last one, I think, is the 7.1.

Probably it is due to something wrong in my machine as I am also not able to debug anymore, the threading system is broken.

If you are using the multithreading, ( linuxthreads or ntpl ), that can explain why Ardour is broken


Now the threads are back, glibc ( 2.10 ) atk, pango, glib gtk and their *mm are newly compiled.

However I still have the segmentation fault on opening.

The debug using the core file state libraries ( mainly X ) are opened, pango is opened and a signal segfault is received. The debug on the software itself does not really give more information.

The strange thing is I can see a pango 1.6.0 as I have got also the last or last two installed with the *mm also installed.

The compilation hase been redone from scratch while deleting the ardour folder, the /usr/lib/ardour and the /usr/local/etc/ardour folders.

I also tryed the 2.7 but I am not sure to have recompile everything, I don’t have anymore the sources.

No other software have problem, I am using mainly gcc ( 4.2.4 ) with the STLs, emacs and the electronic design suite from geda.