Ardour suddenly turns off

Hi all,

while working on a multi-track MIDI project, Ardour suddenly shuts down…
I reopen the project, it asks if I want to recover it, I say yes, it opens but after a few seconds, without doing almost anything, it shuts down again.
I believe it happened after inserting some linear tempo changes.
(I was also working on fader automation).

This is the message in the terminal:

~$ ardour-7.4.0: ../libs/temporal/ Temporal::superclock_t Temporal::TempoPoint::superclock_at(const Temporal::Beats&) const: Assertion qn >= _quarters’ failed.

Now what interests me the most is how can I recover the project, even without the tempo changes, as long as it gets back to working.
[Ardour 7.4 built from source on Ubuntu 22.04]

Thank you,

I managed to recover the project: as soon as I opened it, I had time to “save as”, without touching anything else (otherwise it would turn off), so I saved it with another name, canceled the tempo changes (ramp) and the project was once again stable.
However, the problem of inserting linear tempo changes remains. I could try on a copy and see if the problem repeats. If it happens again I’ll update this post reporting the error messages.

Have you checked with 7.5? Tempo maps were one of the improvement areas for that release.

I built version 7.5 successfully some time ago, but it gave me other problems that with projects already in an advanced state, I preferred to go back to 7.4, more stable on my system, to be able to finish them.
For example, as I wrote in another previous post, in version 7.5 as soon as I execute the “Deinterlace Into Layers” command in a MIDI region, Ardour suddenly shuts down.
When I start new projects, I will try the 7.5 version again and present the problems that arise.

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