Ardour still wont run

Ive started a new topic on this one, I have a G4 laptop OSX 10.4.6 I have installed X11 and Jack all up and running perfectly but Ardour still wont start, enclosed is part of the crash log, Im wondering if my system islocked` and not allowing the files to be written ? Any ideas ??
Have re-installed X11, Jack is up and running, But Ardour will not, the crash Log reports:
cp: /tmp/505/TemporaryItems: Permission denied
rm: /tmp/505/TemporaryItems/display: Permission denied
: unknown application: /tmp/505/TemporaryItems/
2008-03-21 22:30:02.463 open[440] No such file: /tmp/505/TemporaryItems/getdisplay.shVolumes/Ardour-2.1/ line 40: /tmp/505/TemporaryItems/display: Permission denied