Ardour + Soundcraft UI16

Has anyone used the Soundcraft UI16 (or UI12) with Ardour on Linux? If so, how is it?

Actually I’m now looking at Soundcraft in general. Their products seem more friendly to my limited budget. How is the quality in general? How well do their analog USB mixers work on Linux with JACK?

Soundcraft is generally good kit. I currently use one of their EPM8 mixers for live sound for a band. It packs a lot of functionality into a small space and has worked well for the few years I’ve had it.

I have no experience of their USB products, but the fact that they describe the UI range as cross platform and even mention Linux suggests that they are USB2 class compliant, though I’m not sure how far a generic USB sound device class goes toward controlling all the mixer functions.

I’d also be interested to know if anyone’s actually used one with Linux!

I looked at a review on the Thomann site ( and the USB interface is only for the main stereo output and for a stereo playback input. I don’t know about you, but that means it loses my interest as a recording tool, though it still looks good as a live sound mixer.

It has WiFi and Ethernet for remote control via web browser on laptop or handheld device - dispensing with the physical controls explains how they can pack so much functionality into a small box at a good price. But if you’re looking for a USB multichannel audio interface, the Soundcraft UI12 or UI16 isn’t it.

My recommendation would be not to purchase the Ui series from them. That product is actually a result of a buyout by Soundcraft of a different company (SMProAudio IIRC, much lower quality) that had it 90%+ developed already before the purchase and from what I have heard it just is not a typical Soundcraft product at this point, problems with WiFi stability for control, noisy preamps, etc. I have heard they (Soundcraft) are working on them now, but I don’t know how much stock I put in it or whether it will be a mk2 of this product or not.

Other than that product though I have not much bad to say about Soundcraft in general. Nothing Linux specific though, sorry.



I’m also in the market for a replacement gig mixer and it seems that many of the manufacturers (Allen & Heath, Dynacord, Soundcraft etc etc…) are only providing stereo outs with the USB ports although at least many of them seem to be class compliant… I want to take my old Mackie Onyx off the road because it is bulky, getting older and beat up and it still works so well for multitracking via FireWire that I want to preserve it for a few more years in my home studio. I would also be interested in hearing about peoples Linux experiences with the newer live mixers with USB functionality…


Depends on the mixer in question, a lot of the newer, especially digital mixers, are moving to more multitrack functionality.


@GMaq Not sure this is what you have in mind with “newer live mixers”, especially if you’re thinking of a price range near the Ui16’s, but you might remember that @mashworth posted earlier ( that the Soundcraft Si Expression with a MADI-USB card works with Linux.

I have an Si Performer (one step up from Expression series) and just recently installed a MADI-USB card. I haven’t done any recording with it yet, but so far what I’ve seen matches @mashworth’s description – JACK finds 32 ins and 32 outs from the USB connection, and any of those look to be patchable on the mixer side. So one should be able to patch direct-outs from up to 32 input channels on the mixer (which could come from the console’s own physical inputs, or remote ones - eg, stagebox over MADI) through to Ardour for tracking, for example, while simultaneously using the console for live mixing. I’ve done it quickly with one channel (verified that Ardour saw the signal), and I hope to be testing with an actual recording in the next couple weeks.

I can’t help with the OP’s question unfortunately, but it sure would be nice to see mixers like the Ui’s offering a USB interface like the MADI-USB card, not just main stereo in/out.

@don3 the A&H Q range all appear that they would work, however they only support 48Khz which was a no go for me… I ended up getting the older Firewire Zed R16, so I can run it at 44.1 Khz (native to the final format I am going to have mastered to just made more sense…and those analog eq’s are really nice… ) However, for portability and function I would say the Q16 would be awesome…

Good reading, thanks!

I looked up the Si Performer, and I like it. If It does work well with JACK, I may be willing to sit on my thumbs while I scrimp and save for one.

Looked up the A&H Qu-32, also. Anyone work with that board with Ardour on Linux?

Actually, my best option so far is the Behringer X32, but as it’s going to be anywhere from 2-6 months before I can buy something, I am exploring as many options as I can.

I’m kind of looking at analog mixers plugged into separate audio interfaces, too. If anyone has a good setup like that you’re happy with, I’d love to hear about it.