Ardour slows down after multiple rhythm ferret actions


It seems that after having applied several splits to about 6 regions 1 minute long each using rhythm ferret now Ardour is behaving significantly slower. It reflects on any editing step I do now, from spliting to copying and pasting, trimming, etc. Zoom is affected, and also is playback if I’ve just edited something, but if I just stick to mixing tasks everything works fine.
Buffer is set to 2048, but regardless it was working as fast as one could expect before the rhythm ferret actions.
Any hint as to what went wrong is appreciated.
Ardour 7.5.0 in Windows 10.

I have noticed a similar problem. It would be great if Rhytm Ferret started to be developed better. it’s a good tool, but it could also be better. Drum quantization is such a big deal in modern pop/rock production.

Any thoughts on this? : (

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