Ardour site user permission

Hello Paul,

I see that is based on Drupal but it seems that owners of the article do not have permissions to modify/delete their own article?

Is that intended?

Rony P.

By “article” I assume you mean forum post/thread.
After you’ve posted there is an Edit button in the lower right side of your post.

You can’t, however, totally delete that particular post nor the whole thread.


There is no edit option from what I saw. You might have the permission do to your role but maybe not everyone else.

Rony P.

Sorry for the long delay, I’ve been camping in the bushes for a while.

I doubt I have a special role, I surely haven’t asked for one. I’d rather suspect the browser.
I’m currently running Firefox3 and the Edit button is right next to the Reply button in the posts once you’ve logged in. You can only edit your own posts.

Edit: edited 4 hours later in Firefox5 to show that it works there as well.