Ardour session close hangs randomly

Hello good morning, I need help for a recurring problem that occurs both in ardour and in mixbus, which happens sometimes yes sometimes not, regardless of whether the open session project has many or few tracks, either audio or midi.

When I go to close a session I save it without problems, but when closing (from the ardour menu) sometimes it hangs and I end up having to close it in a bad way from the task manager.

I have consulted the forum and visited these links but I don’t quite understand what needs to be modified or what file:

Can this problem be fixed or is it a known bug that cannot be fixed?

My native language is Spanish, I understand read English but, to write in English I use an automatic translator, I hope the translation is correct and my question is well understood.

The version of ardour is 6.9.0 working with ALSA, in ubuntu studio 20.04 with xfce desktop.

Ardor I know from version 2 that I used from time to time when I started using linux (my main system then was windows) today it is linux ubuntu, although it is from version 5 that I use it regularly with personal projects.

Thanks in advance for creating ardour, it doesn’t detract from other quite expensive commercial programs like protools/cubase/nuendo/logic, etc that I used on windows.

Thank you for your attention, greetings.

This is a bug that currently affects all released versions of Ardour, but it has already been fixed for the upcoming Ardour 7.0 release.

Your best option at this time is probably to live with it, until Ardour 7 is released and kill the ardour process if it hangs :frowning:

If you are somewhat experienced programmer, you could backport the referenced source-code changes and compile Ardour 6 with the fix yourself (like the person who tracked down and reported the bug in the forum post you’ve linked to), or if you don’t mind running pre-release software, install a Ardour - Nightly Builds

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for answering so quickly, fortunately the bug error except for a few specific exceptions has not caused me to lose sessions or files, although I did have to reconnect some midi configuration, but I have no problem waiting for version 7, which also seems to include some novelty that has a certain resemblance to ableton( of clip launching) that sounds interesting.

Unfortunately, although I am a sound technician, I do not live from this profession, and I dedicate myself to other tasks, so I do not have delivery deadlines, now I only have my small projects learning how I can compose, with hardly any knowledge of theory, but in short, that is another subject.

I’ll wait for the new version, no problem, because although the linux console doesn’t bother me I’m not a programmer and the best I can do is follow the instructions to install from the console like I did with the ardour 6.9.0 version, due to the problems that pipewire I provoke with version 5.

Thanks and regards.

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