Ardour session *.bak

Hello everybody!

I’m an Ardour newbie. I was recording my first session when Ardour crashed and I cannot open the file anymore.

I checked the session folder and all the audio files are there; the *.bak file is also there, so I believe that there’s a way to recover the session.

Can anybody help me, please? I’ve been working on that session for days.

Thank you very much,

First, make sure Ardour isn’t running. As a safety precaution, rename your session files, or move them to another folder. Then, copy the *.bak files to the original session filenames. For example (Linux shell):

mv session.ardour session.ardour.old
mv session.history session.history.old
cp session.ardour.bak session.ardour
cp session.history.bak session.history

Or perform the equivalent steps using your file manager.

You will lose any changes made to the session since the last backup was created, but if the trouble is only with the session files, then you should be able to recover most of the session.

Good luck!

Thank you, Dennis,
I followed that procedure, but for some reason when I execute the file Ardour freezes (it opens the “splash” image and then stays still there for ages).

I started to re-record the session again.

Thank you anyway!


It would be helpful if you could provide information on console messages, and if possible a backtrace, so that whatever issue you are running into can be fixed for yourself and others. See…