Ardour runs on Ubuntu, but only in the background

I’m on ubuntu 22.04.
I installed Ardour 8.1 using flatpak.

I can start Ardour by going to ‘show applications’ and then typing ‘ardour’.

An ardour process runs. But no GUI appears.

If, from a terminal emulator I do: flatpak run org.ardour.Ardour

… then the command returns and hangs. It’s as if the program is running, but just not doing anything.

This is the most likely cause of your issue:

You aren’t going to point out that Flatpak is discouraged? Or are some distributions getting enough plugins packaged in Flatpak that it is somewhat usable now?

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I thought I’d leave that for you :slight_smile:

But yes, of course, flatpak is discouraged, using 3rd party (notably non-FLOSS) plugins will be harder to impossible.

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