Ardour & rosegarden on control surfaces

Good day,
I’m curious what control surfaces does rosegarden (& ardour) support?
(Behringer bcfs, Mackie Universal, Novation remote SL, Native instruments KORE) ?
Anyways any info would be appreciated,
I think taht once I try making music using a control surface instead of the mouse, I might be hooked.

i can’t comment on rosegarden.

ardour supports any control device that sends generic MIDI CC messages, which includes the Behringer BCF, Novation, Peavey PC1600X, Doepfer controllers and many other kinds MIDI “knob twiddlers”.

ardour2.0 which has not yet been released also has still-under-development support for the Frontier Design Tranzport, which is interfaced with directly using its USB layer (no MIDI nonsense). this work has given rise to a new control protocol abstraction that means that adding (for example) MackieControl protocol (used by many surfaces right now) should be very easy (the big step is for one of our developers to find the time).

You might care to read:

This may sound like a really stupid idea, and it probably is!

If the framework allowed to configure control surfaces via the IP stack, one could imagine using something like a IEEE 802.11 (aka WiFi) PDA to start and stop ones Ardour!
My Palm has a WiFi adaptor thing. The pen would be pretty useless of course but it’s got a few buttons so one could code a simple app that maybe shows the clock and allows transport control.

I know your answer already as well, which will be: Great! Go code it!

Oh well, just an idea as i said.

And if it’s not a stupid idea then soneone is going to write something like this for Cubase & friends (err, foes).

BTW, do IEEE 802.11 gadgets deserve banning from the studio anyway for injecting noise like cellphones do?

the tranzport is a wifi device. it costs about US$200. it does just what you suggest. it costs more than re-using your PDA, but if you’re serious about this type of thing, its a small cost. it has a data wheel, LED’s, a controllable backlight, long battery life, and more. its also been the subject of a lot wifi interference work, making it ideal for studio work.