Ardour requirements page

The switching between Linux/macOS/Windows on ardour - the digital audio workstation doesn’t work for me. Safari or Chrome on macOS and on an iPhone SE 1. Is this a known problem?

It should just scroll down to the corresponding section. Works here with Firefox.

It doesn’t work for me with latest Safari, Chrome or Firefox (macOS 10.15.7)

It fails for me in Linux and Windows as well. I’ve tried Firefox 98.0.1, Chrome 99.0.4844.82 and Edge.

The labels don’t scroll to the relevant section

I see now; it works here since I use NoScript and block javascript from 3rd party sites. This prevents jquery from * When I allow the script to load, I can reproduce the issue as well.

The anchor is not used, but instead the following event is triggered:

function(e) {

I expect the problem is that cloudflare serves the latest version of jquery, while the website uses an old incompatible bootstrap.

The Switch between the tabs doesn’t work for me too. I think its a html markup problem as the id=“requirements-osx”, id=“requirements-windows” and id=“requirements-other” divs are set within the id=“requirements-linux” div but should be set on the same level.

Putting an extra </div> before <!-- end of linux --> makes it work as intended.

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