Ardour reference manual

Hi all. I made the reference manual, or better, assembled it as pdf file. So it’s more comfortable to read and one it’s not forced to do it on the computer. Since it’s 21MB large I can send it via wetransfer to anybody would like to have it in this form. Or, if any admin or mod tells me how to make it available to everybody, it would be good.

We don’t really want to make it available in that form, sorry to say.

If people want to read it offline, they can just suck down the entire website (it isn’t very big) and then still navigate/read in their browser. The manual is updated randomly and chaotically, so unless the PDF file was built as part the same process that builds the manual website, it just becomes yet another source of outdated information.

If there ever is a “printed” form of the manual, and gosh it needs so much work before that would be worthwhile, I would EXTREMELY demanding about the design and typography.

Hi Paul. Actually the pdf follows precisely the manual online, is as it is online. Yes, some sections are not developed yet but since I’ve started learning Ardour, is useful for me to read it also offline, as I have a free minute. Put also the fact that reading stuff on computer destroys your sight, et voilà. Anyways also if it will be available in this form who knows when in the future, for me is a huge resource to speeding up the learning process. Just to make an example, yesterday I’ve read some before to go to sleep.

Was this a one-time conversion process or can you update the PDF from the manual without much effort?

Can you put it somewhere (dropbox,, g-drive,…) for public download?
I suggest to add a date to the PDF, so it’s clear when it was snapshotted from, if you have not yet done so.

x42, I made it with… i think pdfshuffle or something like that. I use Linux. And yes, it can be modified in the way pages can be added, moved, subracted, and so on. The only problem is I removed some blank pages but now some page covers the previous. I have to check which where the pages I removed, and put them in again. And of course I can put it on dropbox or any other site like that, just I don’t know if I have to register or it just need my email.

Telover, I just came across this threat now. I know its old, but I was wondering if you have updated the manual and is it downloadable?

Hi Jeff. Sorry, I don’t have it anymore. I haven’t finished because there were several parts still missing and under processing, so it was useless to make it all up when, as the missing parts would have been written, work it again.