Ardour, recall last window position

I’d like to see Ardour able to remember it’s last Window position.

It’s not a big thing, but it’d be, I dunno, “cleaner”, I guess, if Ardour simply opens in the last position I left it in. I use Fluxbox and I have gkrellm in the slit, and I have to drag Ardour out so I can see the control buttons (they’re hidden behind the slit) and maximise it so the edge goes up to the slit (which I have positions on the right), and not past it.

@audiodef: this a problem with your window manager. in the WM’s used by the developers, it already does this. X applications are not responsible for determining their position - they provide hints to the WM which it is free to ignore. It would appear that Fluxbox is ignoring the hints provided by ardour. I use Metacity, and ardour comes up in the exact same position every time.

Thanks for reminding me, Paul, even if unintentionally: Fluxbox can tell programs to remember their window positions. I’ll just use that. :wink: