Ardour.rc and sound cards


I’m trying to push the sample rate to 96000, of which my Mackie Spike XD2 is capable in theory, so I changed the setting in Qjackctl to that value. Yet when I launch Ardour and create a new session, it defaults to 48000. I suspect it’s related to this part of ardour.rc:

This part of the file also shows the onboard card instead of Mackie. Here is what I have on my system.

cat /proc/asound/cards
ATI IXP rev 0 with AD1888 at 0xfe800000, irq 19
1 [XD2 ]: USB-Audio - Mackie XD-2
Mackie Designs Mackie XD-2 at usb-0000:00:13.1-2, full speed

I’d appreciate any pointers.

ooops, Drupal ate part of my post (there has to be a more elgant way, but I had to strip the initial tag bracket to get this to show). So this is the part of ardour.rc I was referring to:

AudioSetup> periods val="2"/> priority val="60"/> ports val="128"/> inchannels val="0"/> outchannels val="0"/> inlatency val="0"/> outlatency val="0"/> realtime val="0"/> nomemorylock val="0"/> unlockmemory val="0"/> softmode val="0"/> force16bit val="0"/> hwmonitor val="0"/> hwmeter val="0"/> verbose val="0"/> samplerate val="48000Hz"/> periodsize val="1024"/> serverpath val="/usr/bin/jackd"/> driver val="ALSA"/> interface val="ATI IXP AC97"/> timeout val="Ignore"/> dither val="None"/> audiomode val="Playback/Recording on 1 Device"/> inputdevice val="ATI IXP AC97"/> outputdevice val="ATI IXP AC97"/> /AudioSetup>

if you use qjackctl to start JACK, what is in ardour.rc relating to JACK configuration is 100% irrelevant.

to use your Mackie interface, you need to tell qjackctl to use hw:1 in the setup dialog, right hand side, toward the top. it can’t know this unless you tell it.

requesting an unsupported sample rate does not cause JACK to report an error: it uses the SR closest to the one you requested. this was at the request of many users several years ago.

Thanks for the explanation. I’ve been actually doing just that with qjackctl (selecting hw:1). I guess the Mackie interface doesn’t manage to attain the advertised 96 kHz, heck knows why.

Just curious, say I didn’t use qjackctl to start JACK, what kind of notation I should use in ardour.rc to make Ardour use the Mackie card? (hw:1?)