Ardour randomly looses connection to JACK in the middle of the recording

I’m using Ardour 2.8.9 (build 7212) in Debian Squeeze 32 bit. Audio interface - PreSonus AudioBox USB. During recording from AudioBox Ardour randomly looses connection to JACK and stops recording. When I try to reconnect it fails, even though JACK server still runs. After I restart JACK Ardour still fails to connect. When I open mixer I can see that there no connections defined whatsoever. After I define connection between mic inputs, two audio tracks, master track and master output Ardour can finally successfully connect to JACK and continue recording. I searched this forum and asked google, but so far haven’t yet found anything about how I can prevent this disconnects from happening. Can anyone help me out?

Hi moonwalker,

my experience is that Ardour disconnects from jack under heavy load. Do you have many plugins running? How high is the DSP % load displayed in the upper right corner in Ardour before it disconnects?

Maybe you can improve your jackd settings, too low buffer sizes could be a problem. What are your exact jackd settings?

The last thing to try would be the installation of jackd2, which is much more reliable in my experience, but let’s go for the other possibilities first.


i just installed new sidux distri on my girlfriends laptop. than i took ardour 2.9.11 from the repo and it was disconnecting running a test session without any load - no plugins, recording to one track. than i took the source and build ardour from scratch and the problem is gonne. i do not know why, but i never found any distribution version of ardour which was running ok for me. for years now i am always buildng ardour my self and it runs good.