Ardour randomly disconnects from JACK and all audio routing lost upon reconnect

Running Ardour 6.9.0 (64) on AVLinux MXE. This happens quite often in larger projects with dense audio/MIDI/automation. Basically Ardour glitches out and disconnects from JACK (which I can see in the “Audio/MIDI Setup” dialogue), and the following error shows up in my qjackctl log:

unknown source port in attempted connection [ardour:<TRACKNAME>] 

(for all tracks, so usually around 30 occurrences of this message). And then, when I hit “Connect to JACK” in the Ardour Audio/MIDI Setup again, all my routing connections are lost: I have to draw in the routing for each track to each bus, each bus to the master, and even the master/metronome to system out.

Why does this happen? Is it a known issue?

I also seem to occasionally get this message in the qjackctl log when it happens:

internal poll failure reading response from client ardour-01 to a port unregistered event
cannot send port registration notification to ardour-01 (Resource temporarily unavailable 

Yes, I get this too, it’s super annoying. I have a finnicky audio interface (Firewire through two adapters: FW → Thunderbolt 2 → Thunderbolt 3) which I am suspecting doesn’t get all the bus power it’s supposed to be getting, and plus I’m trying to figure out how to use it through Pipewire and JACK – basically, it means that I try and switch back and forth between the internal audio of my computer and the Firewire interface, and every time I change anything I have to redo all of the connections. This is a simple project (8 tracks all going through master), but it’s such a simple setup, shouldn’t Ardour be able to do this on its own? I can’t even imagine how I would deal with a more complicated project! Things were simpler in the days of actual Firewire, plus JACK using Freebob (seemed to be more stable than FFADO or FFADO-through-alsa which is apparently what’s happening these days), and no Pulseaudio at all - I’m talking 2007. It was super reliable and I didn’t have any of these kinds of issues at all. Now I have no idea what’s going through what and it all feels like guesswork.

This is a bug that has meanwhile been fixed (for upcoming Ardour 7). meanwhile your best best is to save/quit and restart Ardour :frowning:

…or better yet, don’t use JACK, but Ardour/ALSA which doesn’t have this issue and may perform better as well.

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