Ardour ramdomly crashes on amd Vega 7 system

I know, you do not support non-binary distributions but I would like to post this for you just FYI. I would like to refer to this post:

And I can confirm that I make the same experience with a Ryzen Notebook with Vega 7 Graphics. I am runing Ardour on multiple systems: 15 years old Notebooks with Intel Graphics, a desktop with Nvidia GTX 660 with binary driver, all running on gentoo and the all work fine.

Now I recently got this AMD notebook and xorg is crashing there while Ardour is starting up. A very interesting fact is, that the befavior of the crash has different consequences depending on if the power cable is plugged in or not - if the cable is plugged in, xorg freezes and you can only get it done with either ssh or magic sys kernel keys.
But without power cable plugged in you just have been logged our and get back to the graphical loging prompt.
I do not expect a solution or any support for this because of my system are all gentoo and therfore running a Ardour version build from source but on the other hand I believe it is not caused by Ardour but because of but in the AMDgpu xorg drivers. And it might be interesting for you to know that this happenes if someone else is coming up with issues like this.

BTW: This happens randomly, and if it has been starting up sucessfully, it works stable without issues.

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I have the same issue, not on Gentoo, but on Arch using KDE Plasma. When the main window opens, the complete desktop will crash, sending me back to the login screen. I don’t think the power cable affects this in any way in my case though.

Do you have AMD graphics, too?

Yes, a laptop with a Ryzen 7 3700U APU.

Once you lauchned sucessfully, does it run stable afterwards?

Yes, it only ever crashes immediately when I’m opening the project and focus shifts to the main window (for example, when the notification about memory limiting appears, I click “okay” and the notification window disappears, that’s the moment it crashes).
I haven’t yet experienced any crashes that happened after the project was opened successfully.
Like I described above, the X11 session restarts and it sends me back to the login screen. When I’m trying to run it on Wayland, I instead get a notification saying that Xwayland crashed.

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