Ardour projects sample or demo repository


i was figuring out it there some ardour projects repository.
There is an entire section “Made with Ardour” that is amazing but it offers onlt the song.
I’m searching for something that inspires me to create new with ardour.
I’d like to understand how you using Ardour, how can you mix with ardour.
Which plugin do you use?

There is something out? Someone who wants to share a 4 track demo, i don’t want to stole the work from other, i’d like to create my own music :slight_smile:

Thanks very much!

Not directly an answer to the OP, but related to it:

I am willing to create a sample project if someone has recordings they wish to donate for this purpose honestly, might even be willing to do a video series on it as I would likely use it for my class I teach as well.

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Participants (including me) often share their DAW projects (often Ardour is used, but not by everyone) in the Libre Music Challenge.

Here’s a link to the thread on the forum for the latest challenge:

You can go up one level to the “The Producer’s Area” sub-forum to find the threads for past challenges. Links to lots Ardour projects can be found in there.

Addendum: Oh, I almost forgot: all the submissions to the challenge are under a Creative Commons license, so you can actually “steal” from these works. Just be sure to give proper attribution where due.

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@SpotlightKid That’s a great resource!

Hi guys,

thanks for your suggestions.
@SpotlightKid i use to post on the linux music forum so thanks i didn’t think to read in that section!
But a suggestion for the ardour community could be load a bunch of demos directly in this website. What do you think?
Anyway my aim in this case is: understand how can i work to do a good mix.
I made my “first” demo with audacity recording instruments directly from audacity with Carla. And if i like a little the lo-fi sound i felt the lack of a good mixing.
As in other Daw, i want to understand if singls tracks have to be the effects separetly or better have a bus to connect all the tracks and how to route and then equalize and mixing. I know i have to study the manual!
If you suggest some videos it could be great!


Hey, @gabtram the things you want to learn are not really specific to any DAW. Hence, if you know how to operate Ardour - and that can be learned very well from the manual, I think - many videos on YouTube that show production techniques using other, probably proprietary DAWs can be used as learning material - with a little mental abstraction ability from the viewer.

One possible stumbling block might be finding FLOSS alternatives for the commercial plugins that are used almost exclusively in these kinds of videos. But that can be solved by asking for those here in the forum or by browsing sites like Linux DAW or or similar sites,

I can also recommend watching some videos about Harrison mixbus, since 80% of what they show can be be directly applied to Ardour as well.