ardour project linux to mac

i want buy a mac and i want know if there are problems when i move my ardour project in linux to mac…
thank you

@ben280: there are no significant issues when moving sessions between the two platforms.

ben280: some of the ladspa plugins are not up-to-date on the osx version of ardour (notably the CAPS plugins), so you may lose some plugins while transferring projects. I’ve also noticed that the waveforms do not draw correctly when transferring projects (either direction). In my case I’m transferring from Ardour on Ubuntu to Ardour on a PPC Mac, but the problem is easily solved by deleting all the files in the “peaks” directory after you’ve copied the session. Other than these two issues I’ve been doing this sort of thing successfully for almost two years (and on over 30 projects - I do field recording on my ibook, and mix and master on my Ubuntu desktop, often going back and forth on a single session multiple times before it’s done).