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I have these two PPC Macs .
A G4 QuickSilver and a G5 iMac . The G4 is running mac OS X Panther 10.3.4 at this point .
Is there any place / way to donwload the installer for that platform ?

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In a distant past Ardour ran on 10.4 PPC, but if I remember correctly the most recent version of Ardour 6.9 required 10.5 (Leopard). You’re welcome to try:

Note that we discontinued PPC builds and OSX. Ardour 7 uses new compiler and features that require macOS (10.12 or later)

PS. Another option is to install Linux on those machines. It should be much easier on a G5 compared to Ardour in debian sid on iMac G4 and would also be a way forward to run Ardour 7.

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Windows XP or newer would also be an option to work with Ardor. You can’t go wrong there either.

I myself work with Ardor 6.9 under opensuse leap 15.4 and Windows 10. Great stuff.

Windows won’t run on ppc in any usable way

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