Ardour Plugin Pack

While VST and AU support are being worked on, I think something cool would be if Ardour came bundled with a plugin pack of some essential software synths that make use of LADSPA, DSSI, JACK, etc.

It would be a good way to encourage development of native soft synths for linux. I can imagine there might be some place within Ardour where you can access the built-in(well not really built-in, but more like bundled) synths. I’m not talking about a huge number of synths. Maybe RTSynth, amsynth, and a couple others.

I’m sure there’s tons of software synths that don’t get any attention, but would be put to great use if there were only a few mouse clicks(or keystroke) away in Ardour.

This isn’t really something for the Ardour developers to have to deal with. These other projects have their own developers, their own source trees, and many use totally different toolkits. Trying to “bundle” them with Ardour doesn’t really encourage development of native soft-synths anyway. Well designed/documented APIs and users who are willing to support development communities are what encourages development.

Left the distros deal with bundling.