Ardour plays nothing but noise

Ardour plays nothing but noise

Hi, I am new to Ardour (2.0.5) I have two computers, both running Kubuntu 7.1, one of the Intel internals (that one works pretty cool) and the one that has the problems is an AMD (Sempron 3000+) with a (from lspci):

00:14.5 Multimedia audio controller: ATI Technologies Inc IXP SB400 AC’97 Audio Controller (rev 02)

I cant do nothing (good) with Ardour, I can record, but record just noise and knocking, kind of ear-killer stuff…

I cant even play an imported WAV, it import the file but play it like… noise + knocking + “horror movie” voice… (its really hard to describe a noise isnt it?)

Everything in my system is OK (I guess), my hardware is OK, heres a list of working recorders in this machine

Audacity (work perfect in a continuous recording, but not record->stop->record again)
GNUSound (good but not good enough for something more professional)
SoundRecorder (works perfect anytime, but to simple program)

So… I want to give a try to Ardour but… I am getting troubles…

The Ardour configuration is the default one, because everything worked OK in my Intel machine, I leave everything the same…

The only thing I can notice in difference (besides the hardware of course) was that Ardour seems to “record” too fast… I mean I turn-on record, then select record in a track then play (from head) to start recording (I do the same in the Intel), and the slide pointer (don’t know how to call that red line show you where the track is playing) goes too fast compared with the Intel machine.

And as I said before, cant even play an already tested WAV file, just play it with a lot of noise + knocking and like if the play was slower (kind of…)

Any help? anything would be really appreciated.

JACK settings…

Hi, before using ardour you have to make sure JACK is running correctly. You’d better use the graphic interface, qjackctl.

JACK is taking control of your audio device and if it’s not properly configured you are lost. (Ardour depends on JACK. If JACK’s not running ardour simply doesn’t start).
If you can play without problems a sound file via a non-jack aware application, then it seems that you have to tweak your jack settings. Read the “Further Reading/JACK” on this page. Also a good thing to read is the articles by Dave Philips in the Linux Journal. (Google for Troubleshooting Linux Audio).
The slide pointer you mention is called the playhead.
By the way, the current official version of ardour is 2.4.1. (but solve your issue prior to upgrade or you’ll have no joy)
Good luck