Ardour placed a track above Master

In the mixer, I moved a track up and Ardour placed it above the Master bus. No matter what I do to move tracks up/down, Ardour leaves one track above the master bus.

Since I wanted to work without that distraction, I hid the master bus and now I don’t see a way to bring it back.

  1. How do I get all tracks back below the master bus in the editor, and
  2. How do I make the master bus reappear in the editor?

If the Editor List is not already visible on the side of your Editor window, open it using either View->Show Editor List, or Shift+L in your Editor View.

One of the (vertical) tabs there is Tracks & Busses. There you can drag and drop your tracks in your desired order, and selecting/deselecting the V tick box will control visibility of that track (e.g. Master).

Hope that helps.

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Yes! Thank you, Manuel, that was very helpful. I had gotten used to using the left pane of the mixer window and didn’t realize there was a different editor list. I appreciate your response.

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