Ardour OSC Specific Automation

Hi guys. New here with the scripting of Ardour, but getting really into it as I’m working on projects now.

I would really like to heavily automate a few things and am learning how to use OSC with Ardour.

One of the things I want to do is to Export my audio (all set up and channelized etc in the session already) via python-osc to start with.

I have it where my external python script opens the export dialogue successfully via this line:

client.send_message("/access_action/Main/ExportAudio", 1)

What I cannot figure out, is how to ask it to click the “export” button once the dialogue is open. I’ve tried adding a 1 to the end, adding an export… etc. repeating the command, the other available export commands.

I think I am missing what surface to ask for - I feel like its going to be /access_action/ExportMenu/Export or something. I could only fine the “ExportAudio” though under main_actions.

Does anyone know how to click the “export” button once the Export menu has been opened via OSC?

Thanks in advance.

What you want is not currently possible. Our OSC support does not allow you to simulate user interaction with dialog elements, and almost certainly never will. It is also not clear to me why you would want Ardour to display a dialog, but then “finish” your interaction with the dialog via OSC.

ok - thanks.

The main goal is not to display a dialogue - if there is a way to do this without one, that would be ideal.

I am trying to export my tracks (individually, as selected by strip ID or using the Export Audio Dialogue settings) as audio files, commanded via OSC messages.