Ardour opens in FullScreen mode, but does not fill screen Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

When I open Ardour, it is in Fullscreen mode, but it does not fill the screen. I can toggle fullscreen mode off and on, but it will never fill the screen.

When Opening Ardour:

Toggle Fullscreen mode off and back on: Notice the empty space on top and the very bottom is not visible:

When I close the session, Ardour will return to proper fullscreen mode. I can then open a session and all is working fine.

Any suggestions as to fix it so I do not have to open and close sessions to return to proper fullscreen mode ? Is it a system setting or Ardour config ?

This same problem also happens with Mixbus 9.1.{current}

With a 768p screen you will have to reduce UI scaling (Preferences > Appearance) to make it fit.

Detaching the Preferences and Mixer pages (Ardor > Menu > Window > …) may also help. That way those windows will not have the main toolbar at the top (and will be less tall).

Thank you. I did not know of the 768p limitations. This fixed Ardour, but Mixbus 9.1.x has likely grown too big for my screen. The strips will be too small by the time I make it fit. Also, the scale is limited to reducing to 80 or 85%.

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