Ardour opencore control surface

Hi, I’m an electronic engineer and also sound technician. I’m working in a control surface specialy designed for ardour. This control surface will be a open-project. At these moment I have a practically complet design but I need some information that I can’t find. Paul, or another ardour’s developer or people that know something about midi, my question is: Where can I find information about the midi messages that control surface must send to computer for control ardour? Is very importat these information for program the microcontroller in the control surface.


Hi sapista,

I don’t have the answers you’re looking for, however, you’re more likely to receive an answer much more quickly if you hop onto the IRC channel as the developers hang out there. Visit #ardour on

OK Thanks I will try on IRC

i look forward to hearing any progress on this :slight_smile:


hi sapista,

i’m a an electronic technician and sound technician to. I love to see someone developing a control surface secialy for ardour and like to participate. programming aint my cup op pie, but I would love to help developing the electronic cicuits and pcb for the system. contact me if you think i can help.