Ardour on Ubuntu: Retro Rock Recording

Hey guys!

I am well aware that probably noone is going to reply (just like on gearslutz :-)), so I save my time and write a short text:

Greets, El

Hey guys, thanks for taking time to listen and comment! Greatly appreciated.

@roaldz: Glad you liked the tune! Equipment: Edirol FA-101 firewire soundcard with ffado driver to record everything, guitar is done with a Tonelab SE, vocals with an SM57. Drums are a vst plugind loaded with the dssi-vst wrapper in wine and controlled by rosegarden. Ubuntu Karmic 64 bit (a pity that seq24 and muse packages are bugged on this distro!)

@scary-hallo: At the moment, no, but I’ll upload more as soon as it’s in the box! also glad you’ve liked it. :slight_smile:

Wrong! I am reply´ing! I think it sounds good! Like the style:) Like the sound.

How dit you record? What mic´s/pre´s/hardware?

Hey, I like it too. Good Rock and Roll
I have the question than roaldz.
Do you have more of this?

Nice work! It is very easy to picture you guys playing this live, it’s got a great “real” feel to it. Hearing that the drums are sequenced with a VST plug-in just makes me jealous, I can never make drums tracks sound that good. :slight_smile:


This ain’t gearslutz. :wink:

Really nice instrumental mix. Vocals could use a little more push to the front of the mix, but overall it’s like Stuart said, it’s easy to imagine a live performance of the piece.

So post more. :slight_smile:


Cool track, cool enough to find a way on one of my car-CD-player compilations.

because its different. At first glance it is a simple retro-rocksong but then it has a lot genuine punk-feel and a kind of sarcastic anarchy I like a lot. Only the guitar-lick in the end is a bit off - I think it should be more exact or more chaotic/nasty to add to the overall coolness of the track.

The sound I like a lot: very direct, lively, individual. Fits the song perfectly.

This is a really hot track. Thanks for sharing!

GREAT song! Love it…

Im jealus like stuart, but for all of the song/mix :wink: , very good sound! and is good to see what kind of sound you can achieve from a pedalboard. is all the sound from the tonelab, or have you used aditional software amps?
thanks for the song!


Swampy, Spooky …SWEET!

I love the very natural tube overdrive sound over the whole mix, I can imagine an old Neve console with all the meters in the red when I listen with my eyes closed. the near-disco “Dance” breakdown 3/4 of the way through totally took me by surprise! Very good work!!

I swung by the forums after hearing about this program on the Ubuntu Forums. I’m now so grateful that I did. I wanted to hear what this program was capable of and grabbed your mp3. This song is heavy rotation on my mp3 player and Songbird playlists.

I could just see this being done live as I listened, and more importantly, I could see myself paying to watch this played live. I’m really not sure how to share how taken I am with this piece. I have horrible social phobias which are compounded exponentially by large crowds- but I would go to a packed bar on a Friday night to listen to this. I also believe if I brought a date I’d have a better chance of the night’s outcome being better since obvious proof of great musical taste.

Thanks for hypothetically getting me laid. Is there a band name/performer name I can add to this for songbird?