Ardour On Puppy Linux

Hi There…

I’d LOVE to see Ardour on Puppy Linux as soon as possible.

Please make it happen !!!

toni S / Finland.

you should be requesting this in the puppy linux’ forums, ardour devs don’t make distribution packages.


Hello All!

You wanna Ardour on Puppy Linux? No need to compile ('cause it looks creep)?

It’s easy guys:

  • Prepare Puppy Linux 4.1.2

  • Download Ardour (and its dependencies) in debian packages from (choose hardy release).

  • If all be ready, extract such debian packages while you running Puppy from CD.
    Puppy Linux should have be able to open debian packages.

  • Save Puppy session in 2fs format and restart PC.

  • Run again Puppy, and it should also automatically load *.2fs or puppy session file.

  • Next or finally, remaster this Puppy in which currently running with installed Ardour.

  • Hi, don’t forget about configuring /etc if you asked by the pup-remaster, in case if you bypass this, Ardour won’t start with such new remastered Puppy.


Hei, I have successfully made Puppy Linux + Ardour compilation and distribute it for Indonesian users. That’s way I share this experience… perhaps useful.