Ardour on PPC iMac


I have an iMac G5, the last PPC model before they were release with iSight. I installed FC10 in hopes of running Ardour 2, as home recording is the only capability I care for my computer to have. I don’t like Garageband so much and, even more so, I adore the economic philosophy behind linux. Anyways to get to the point:

Upon intalling Fedora the only way I could get sound out of this machine was to select Sound by Layout (OSS) in Sound Preferences. I have a vague understanding of the difference in ALSA and OSS, mainly that OSS is older, and I don’t mind this, so long as it works, and for playing .ogg’s and .mp3’s, there are no problems.

However, when I start up Ardour, and attend to the Audio Setup tab, no matter what I select for Driver, “ALSA” or “OSS”, there is nothing for me to select under Interface, nor under Input Device or Output Device . When I select OSS, I receive a message: [Error]: No devices found for driver “OSS”.

Perhaps there is a better sound driver for the onboard sound card that is inside this iMac but I am not highly experienced with the terminal, and so I am not even sure what kind of chipset is onboard. And I can’t seem to find any documentation for old models on the apple website.

I’m not really sure where to go from here, but I am determined to keep with linux so long as I can get Ardour to function. I posted a copy of this on the Fedora forums also, but I was hoping that someone here may be able to help. I already owe you gratitude for reading the entirety of this post.


In the Linux/PC world you start a terminal, run

/sbin/lspci | grep -i audio
perhaps that works on PPC as well. Otherwise, Fedora should have some control panel that can show hardware info.

Once you know that there’s some more info on the ALSA page: