Ardour on powerbook g4 under Linux/ppc ?

I currently hesitate between cinelerra/ardour and finalcut/soundrack for a personnal project ( a video mix). Do u have any tip/link that would allow me to choose ?

I use for this project an amd athlon 3000+ (1go RAM) a mac mini g4 (512 RAM) & a powerbook G4 (1go RAM). I currently use my powerbook g4 as main machine and could put all mac under linux/ppc. So does ardour works well under linux/ppc ? Does it even work ?

Tell me :slight_smile:

if you can afford it, final cut is so much better than cinelerra in nearly every way, and its integration of audio and video better than anything under linux. i don’t know what the specifics of your project are but using cinelerra and ardour for this task at this time (spring of 2006) is likely to cause you many headaches. there are some specific things that ardour and cinelerra are capable of that finalcut/soundtrack are not, but i suspect they will not be of interest to you. the price tag might be.

and i wrote ardour :slight_smile:

yes, ardour does work on linux/ppc just as well as under linux/x86, osx/ppc and osx/x86.