Ardour on Linux impresses ProTools Users

Side note anecdote

This past weekend I had a Studio Engineer and Band from Toronto out to track for the weekend. The Engineer works with ProTools daily and one of the Band members also has a TV post-production job with ProTools. Their intention was to track in my Studio facilities and stem out the tracks for final mixing and mastering at the Toronto Studio.

They used AV Linux and Ardour all weekend for tracking and had one crash when the recording interface lost connection with the computer, I hurriedly apologized when I had to reboot and reload the session and they looked at me in disbelief and laughed because they were used to ProTools crashing habitually, even with the crash they were hella impressed with how robust Ardour and the system were… :sunglasses:


You work professionally long enough you learn… EVERYTHING crashes.

I have had anything from free software and cheaper computers to audio consoles that cost 100’s of thousands of dollars crash at one point or another.

The Mantra of ‘Save Early, Save Often’ definitely applies no matter what you are doing.


Blame it on the duct-tape :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this anecdote. And it’s great to hear that your studio is going strong!


Of course. But there are things which do it exceptionally, and others which do it frequently… and that does matter. A lot, particularly if you’re recording an unrepeatable event (like e.g. a live concert). :smirk:

I have the feeling that crashes in Ardour seem to be not really a big thing. I almost do not fear them anymore, because restoring the session works really well.

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