Ardour on Internet Tablets and PDA's

I’ve noticed that there are new internet tablets/PDA’s coming out like the “Pepper Pad” or the “Nokia 770”, which run Linux, and have a fair amount of computing power, large screens, multimedia/audio capabilities, and USB host ports (for connecting things like the M-audio AudiophileUSB).

Check out the specs of the Pepper Pad 3 at the Pepper Website … x86 based, Fedora Core 4 installed, 20GB harddrive, 256 MB RAM, 2.3 lbs, touch-screen, 500 MHz AMD processor, 20-bit stereo audio – costs about $700.

JACK is the primary obstacle.

JACK requires floating point computation be available; most PDAs and many tablets do not provide this. For a system that has an FPU, and runs Linux, it should be easy. For those that don’t, its essentially not possible without rewriting all of JACK.

The Pepper Pad 3 apparently uses the
AMD LX800, which has an integrated FPU unit. This device looks promising for a handheld JACK/Ardour/Hydrogen machine. Although things may run a little bit slow…